Olight Farb Filter für die M20 oder Wolf-Eyes

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  • Art.-ID 2840
  • Hersteller Olight
  • Gewicht 110 g


Olight Rot-, Grün- und Blaufilter

Der Filter wird auf die M30 oder Wolf-Eyes Night Hunter aufgeschoben. (nicht klappbar)

Für Taschenlampen mit 34mm Kopfdurchmesser und die Olight M20 Serie. 

Red Filter
Used to preserve the eyes natural adjusted night vision, will disturb eyes the least of all colours which helps your eyes to stay adjusted for night conditions when map reading or navigating, use by aircraft personnel, military and hunters to avoid spooking game, deer and some other animals see very poorly in the red colour spectrum.
Available in sizes to fit T series/ I series, M series.

Green Filter
Used with night vision equipment, produces less disturbing light, good for navigation or map reading as it show contour lines better than red. green also used hunting as it will not alert game and It's the brightest of all the colours for easier navigation and also makes it easier others to see you.
Available in sizes to fit T series/ I series, M series.

Blue Filter

Useful for map reading, hunting to avoid spooking game, tactical applications, blue provides a little more light for easier viewing or navigation over red filters.
Available in sizes to fit T series/ I series, M series



  • Art.-ID 2840
  • Zustand Neu
  • Modell Filter M20
  • Hersteller Olight
  • Herstellungsland China
  • Inhalt 1 Stück
  • Gewicht 110 g

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